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naturebeings DVD
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"Messages from Forgotten Friends" A film by Margot Ruis and Gerhard Kogoj

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Do you also think that there is more on our planet that we can see?

Would you like to know what is hiding behind the veil?

Margot Ruis and her husband Gerhard Kogoj are witnesses of an invisible world!

In the film ""Nature Beings - Messages from Forgotten Friends"" you will find out what these beings want to say to us. It might be of real importance for your life, too!

Join us on an delightful journey into deeper discoveries.


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Kategorie: DVD, CD
Hmotnost: 0.15 kg
Jazyk: angličtina
Autor: Margot Ruis, Gerhard Kogoj
Délka: 1 hodina 50 minut
Formát: DVD

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